The new USB multiboot solution (Legacy+UEFI)

制作时请选择 NTFS 分区格式。

ISO 等 payloads 文件放到 U盘根目录下 _ISO 文件夹里的任意二级目录里。文件名不能含有空格或其他特殊字符(推荐 [-_.a-zA-Z0-9])。

更好用的同类型 U 盘多启动解决方案:Ventoy(官网)


更新 (2020): E2B 官方推荐配合使用 a1ive grub2 File Manager 来直接 uefi 启动。agFM 支持 uefi32 / uefi64, 可以直接启动 iso。E2B v2.0+ 版本支持在创建启动U盘时可选添加 agFM (需联网下载) 到 U盘 第2个分区。

E2B Menu System 本身默认只支持 MBR 启动。但支持通过 imgPTN 镜像文件方式加载并启动 UEFI 镜像。

  • You cannot directly UEFI-boot to the E2B Menu system.
  • You can UEFI-boot AFTER the .imgPTN file has been 'switched-in' and the E2B partition is replaced or you can UEFI-boot to a FAT32 partition 2 if you add one.
  • You can add rEFInd into a .imgPTN image file when you make it, which will allow you to boot (for instance) to a WinPE OS on a different partition and run SWITCH_E2B to choose a different .imgPTN boot file (E2B v1.B0+) - see here for more details.
  • You can replace Partition 2 on the E2B drive with a FAT32 partition containing UEFI WinPE boot files. This will allow you to UEFI-boot to WinPE from the E2B drive and select any .imgPTN23 or .imgPTNX4 file you want to run without needing to MBR-boot first - but you may not be able to MBR\Legacy-boot the E2B drive on some systems - see here for more details.

也可以在 Windows 下通过 SWITCH_E2B.exe 直接 switch in an .imgPTN file。

SWITCH_E2B is for use with NTFS E2B USB drives (it does not fully work on FAT32 or exFAT drives). You can use the 'Restore E2B partitions' button on all types of drive, but you can only switch in an .imgPTN file if the E2B USB partition is NTFS.

SWITCH_E2B.exe can be found in the _ISO folder on the E2B USB drive (v1.73+), or in the \e2b folder of the USB drive if you have switched to the .imgPTN file.


.imgPTN files are sector-for-sector copies of whole disk partitions and are made using MakePartImage (MPI Tool Kit).

Easy2Boot 通过 imgPTN (fat32) 镜像同时支持 MBR (传统 BIOS) 和 UEFI 启动。(而 iso 镜像仅支持 MBR 启动)。缺点是这种方式启动或加载镜像时会永久修改U盘主引导扇区(LBA0)从而替换了E2B U盘的第一个分区(E2B会自动在LBA30和LBA60创建LBA0的备份以便之后恢复),使U盘其他所有内容变得不可用。这种状态下U盘的内容和大小在资源管理器里显示为 imgPTN 镜像的内容和大小。使用完后可以通过U盘里E2B自带的工具或脚本从备份恢复LBA0。

iso 2 imgPTN

– 打开 \ MPI_Tool_Pack \ MakePartImage ,管理员启动 MakePartImage_AutoRun_FAT32.cmd
– 在CMD 视窗输入目标的 ISO 完整路径(可在 explorer 拖曳)
– 如果 ISO 中有 EI.cfg, 它会问是否往ISO 镜像的EI.cfg菜单中添加系统的版本信息,输入V=VOL版(大企业授权版),输入R=retail版(零售版),输入N=NO(不添加系统的版本信息)——添不添加你自己个人看着办,我选择N=NO(不)。
– 完成后,把制作的 imgPTN档 贴到 U盘的 ISO \ MAINMENU 或 ISO \ WINPE; 可存放多个镜像档.

imgPTN switch in 方法:

  1. MBR 启动到 E2B Menu System (E2B U盘初始状态),选择 imgPTN 镜像以加载并启动。
  2. 在 Windows 下挂载U盘,执行 SWITCH_E2B.exe。

imgPTN switched in 之后:

  • MRB (BIOS) 启动: 显示 E2B CSM menu, 然后可以选择加载 imgPTN 镜像或恢复(restore)原始 E2B 分区。
  • UEFI 启动: 直接启动 imgPTN 镜像(需要镜像本身支持 UEFI 启动),不会显示任何 boot manager。


  • MBR-booting to the E2B CSM menu and selecting menu #0 "EASY2BOOT - switch to the Easy2Boot menu" (then select "boot from local hdd")
  • OR - use \e2b\SWITCH_E2B.exe to restore the E2B partition (win32 exe)
  • OR - use one of the .cmd scripts in the \e2b folder under Windows to restore the E2B partition.
    • Linux: Restore_E2B.sh
    • Windows: FindCSMandRestoreE2B.cmd (推荐) 或 RestoreE2B (run as admin).cmd 或 RestoreE2B_32_64.cmd
  • Alternativley, you can add rEFInd to the .imgPTN image and boot to a miniWinPE OS and run SWITCH_E2B - in this way you can change to a different payload on a UEFI-only system.

注意 SWITCH_E2B.exe, FindCSMandRestoreE2B.cmd 和 RestoreE2B (run as admin).cmd 等脚本都是32位程序,如果在 64 位 WinPE 下运行,WinPE里需要包含 WoW64。



Most payload files need to be contiguous (this applies to all types of USB drives) - to avoid any 'not contiguous' error messages from E2B, double-click on the \MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd file on the E2B USB drive to run WinContig and make all files on the USB drive contiguous - OR - run RMPrepUSB - CTRL+F2 to run WinContig instead.

Note: Not all files need to be contiguous. .VHD, .VHDX, .WIM files do not need to be contiguous but must not contain spaces in the filename. Windows Install ISOs do not need to be fully contiguous.

If you USB drive has had a lot of deleted files on it, the unused free space can become fragmented. When you copy over any file, it will be written to the unused areas of the volume and so will be fragmented.

Another reason for fragmentation is due to the copy program you may be using. Downloading files from the internet directly onto the USB drive can cause the file to be heavily fragmented. Also, some multi-threaded file copy programs (e.g. robocopy) can also fragment the files. I recommend you always download files onto your internal hard disk first and then use a single Explorer copy session to copy the files to the E2B USB drive. Do not use more than one Explorer copy session to the same USB drive at the same time - if the E2B USB drive has never been filled to capacity, the copied files will usually be contiguous.


Do NOT download files directly from the internet straight onto your E2B USB drive. A downloaded file can be highly fragmented and this will cause your E2B drive to become fragmented also. Always download a file to your system disk first and then copy the file to your E2B drive.

Linux MBR-bootint via ISOBOOT

E2B will attempt to boot non-contiguous linux ISO files using isoboot.g4b (a grub4dos batch file).
ISOBOOT uses linux cheat codes (kernel parameters) such as isofrom=xxx.iso and iso-scan/filename=xxx.iso so it may not always work!
Most popular linux distros have been tested using the 'ISOBOOT' feature of E2B.
ISOBOOT looks at the filename to 'guess' how to boot the ISO file (e.g. if the name has 'ophcrack' in it then it will assume it is an ophcrack iso).

Tip #1: To boot using just ISOBOOT, highlight the E2B menu entry, hold down the SHIFT key and press the ENTER key (then release the SHIFT key).
Tip #2: If booting via 'ISOBOOT', ensure there are no spaces in the filename and check the OS name is part of the filename, e.g. if the ISO is debian based, include 'debian' in it's filename, if Ubuntu-based add 'ubuntu to the filename
Tip #3: Copy _ISO\e2b\grub\isoboot.g4b to the _ISO folder and edit it - it will be automatically used by E2B.

Last update: 2021-10-14 02:27:28 UTC