vi /root/vms/machine_a/vm.vmx

Boot Delay

Boot Delay 是 VMWare Guest Machine 的 VMWare Boot Screen 显示时长,在这个界面可以更改 Guest Machine 的 BIOS 设置(按 F2),从网络启动(按 F12),或改变其 boot sequence (按 Esc)等。

默认的 Boot Delay 为 0,来不及按 F2 / Esc。

要修改 Boot Delay,在 Guest Machine 的 vmx 配置文件里加上:

# milliseconds
bios.bootdelay = 5000


Take ownership of guest machines

  1. kill vmware-vmx process of the guest machine
  2. rm -rf *.lck in the dir where the guest machine's .vmx config file located in.

Start VM without GUI

vmrun -T ws start /root/vmware/vm/vm.vmx nogui # which fork the actual vm process and exit

Convert vmdk to qcow2

apt-get install qemu-img
yum install qemu-img

qemu-img convert -f vmdk -O qcow2 file.vmdk file.qcow2

Last update: 2019-08-01 02:55:58 UTC