Windows 10/LTSC

Windows 10/LTSC


LTSC (Long Term Support Channel,旧名 LTSB, Long Term Support Branch) 是最好的 Windows 10 版本,目前最新版是 2019-02 发布的 Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC。有很多优点:

  • 没有 Microsoft Edge。(需要通过 IE 11 下载安装Chrome 。)
  • 没有 Microsoft Store。(可以手工下载某些 Appx 包并通过安装,比如 Ubuntu)
  • 没有 Cortana。
  • 没有 OneDrive。


  • Visual Studio 2019是无法安装在LTSC之上的,更早的版本未知。
  • Office 365 ProPlus将在2020年初之后无法在LTSC上使用;不过普通人买的家庭订阅是Office 365,ProPlus版本是企业用户用的,这一条对个人没有影响。
  • LTSC版 Windows 10 可以使用 KMS 激活。(是否可以使用数字权利激活未知)

Install Linux

LTSC 版 Windows 10 / Windows server 2019 没有 Store,必须手工下载安装 Linux for Windows

1. 启用 Windows subsystem for Linux

首先在控制面板 Tun on or off windows features 里启用 Windows subsystem for Linux。

然后用 PowerShell 安装 Linux

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

2. 下载 Windows 下 Linux 发行版

Downloading a distribution

After the mandatory restart, you can download the desired distribution. You do not need administrative privileges to install the distribution because this takes place in the user's profile. The download links are:

You can use curl.exe or the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet to download. For example, to get Ubuntu 18.04, you would enter this command:

Invoke-WebRequest -out -UseBasicParsing

It then saves the Appx package as a .zip archive, so you don't have to rename the file extension subsequently. The UseBasicParsing switch allows PowerShell to bypass Internet Explorer.

3. 解压缩

Downloading and unpacking Ubuntu 18.04 for WSL in PowerShell

In the next step, you unpack the .zip file by typing this command in the desired installation directory:

Expand-Archive .\

4. 安装

Installing Ubuntu 18.04 for WSL

Now change to the folder ubuntu and execute ubuntu1804.exe. The following process takes a few minutes, and after creating a user and selecting a password, you will end up at the prompt of the Linux shell.

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