Windows 10/Administration/Other Users

Windows 10/Administration/Other Users

administrators 可以修改其他用户的系统配置

修改其他用户的注册表 HKEY_CURRENT_USER 配置

  1. regedit, highlight the HKEY_USERS key and go to File, Load Hive.
  2. Use the File Open dialog to open the %USERPROFILE%\NTUSER.DAT file. (Of the account you wish to modify.)
  3. You’ll be prompted to enter a “Key name”. You can use whatever you wish, but I use the User’s logon name.ji
  4. You can now expand the Hive you just loaded and make any needed changes.
  5. (optional) When finished, highlight this Hive again and go to File, Unload Hive.

请注意如果该用户当前正在登陆中(session),打开 %USERPROFILE%\NTUSER.DAT 文件时可能提示文件占用错误。


  1. mmc, File - Add/Remove Snap-in, Select "Group Policy Object Editor", add, click ok.
  2. click Browse in opened dialog, Click the Users tab, select the target user (Or select the "Non-Administrators group" to edit gpedit of all none-admin users), click ok.
  3. click finish to close the dialog.
  4. click ok.
  5. (optional) File - Save As to save current config to a file, next time, directly File - Open this file to edit gpedit of the target user.

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