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提高永久免费的 2 个 x64 (2C1G) 虚拟机和 1个 ARM64 (4C24G)。

从 2023年1月底开始,Oracle 修改了使用条款,7天内始终空闲的免费虚拟机可能被回收。

Idle Always Free compute instances may be reclaimed by Oracle. Oracle will deem virtual machine and bare metal compute instances as idle if, during a 7-day period, the following are true:

  • CPU utilization for the 95th percentile is less than 10%
  • Network utilization is less than 10%
  • Memory utilization is less than 10% (applies to A1 shapes only)(A1 = ARM)


# ARM 机保活: 只要使用 10% 以上内存即可。
lookbusy -m 3072M -c 0

# x64 机保活:至少 5% 时间 CPU 利用率 >= 10%。
lookbusy -r curve -c 0-20 -m 0

Last update: 2023-01-31 07:15:57 UTC