EmuELEC 默认 ROMS 目录 /storage/roms

ROM 目录

emuelecroms 这个空文件(类似 Android 的 .nomedia 标记文件功能)标记此目录是 ROMS 目录

skin.png 是皮肤

$ ls
3do/          capcom/        gbh/              ngp/         sgfx/
amiga/        coleco/        genesis/          ngpc/        skin.png
amstradcpc/   cps1/          genh/             odyssey/     snes/
arcade/       cps2/          gw/               openbor/     snesh/
atari2600/    cps3/          intellivision/    pc/          splash/
atari5200/    downloads/     mame/             pc98/        tg16/
atari7800/    dreamcast/     mastersystem/     pcengine/    tg16cd/
atari800/     emuelecroms    megadrive/        pcenginecd/  vectrex/
atarijaguar/  famicom/       megadrive-japan/  pcfx/        vic20/
atarilynx/    fbneo/         msx/              psp/         videopac/
atarist/      fds/           msx2/             psx/         virtualboy/
atomiswave/   gameandwatch/  n64/              saturn/      wonderswan/
bezels/       gamegear/      naomi/            sc-3000/     wonderswancolor/
BGM/          gamegearh/     nds/              scummvm/     x68000/
bios/         gb/            neocd/            sega32x/     zx81/
c128/         gba/           neogeo/           segacd/      zxspectrum/
c16/          gbah/          nes/              sfc/
c64/          gbc/           nesh/             sg-1000/



  • gbc, gba
  • nds : 使用 drastic 独立模拟器模拟
  • psp : 使用 PPSSPP 独立模拟器或 RetroArch 里的 ppsspp 核心模拟。独立版 PPSSPP 只支持 SDL2 输入驱动。


  • nes (FC) 红白机
  • snes (SFC) 超任
  • megadrive (md) 世嘉五代
  • n64


大部分使用 FBNEO_LIBRETRO 核心模拟。

  • cps1, cps2, cps3 卡普空
  • neogeo (SNK)
  • tatio
  • psikyo 彩京
  • cave
  • irem


  • arcade 鈊象电子(IGS-PGM)


The gamelist.xml file for a system defines metadata for games, such as a name, image (like a screenshot or box art), description, release date, and rating.

If at least one game in a system has an image specified, ES will use the detailed view for that system (which displays metadata alongside the game list).

You can use ES's scraping tools to avoid creating a gamelist.xml by hand. There are two ways to run the scraper:

If you want to scrape multiple games: press start to open the menu and choose the "SCRAPER" option. Adjust your settings and press "SCRAPE NOW".
If you just want to scrape one game: find the game on the game list in ES and press select. Choose "EDIT THIS GAME'S METADATA" and then press the "SCRAPE" button at the bottom of the metadata editor.
You can also edit metadata within ES by using the metadata editor - just find the game you wish to edit on the gamelist, press Select, and choose "EDIT THIS GAME'S METADATA."

A command-line version of the scraper is also provided - just run emulationstation with --scrape (currently broken).

The switch --ignore-gamelist can be used to ignore the gamelist and force ES to use the non-detailed view.

If you're writing a tool to generate or parse gamelist.xml files, you should check out GAMELISTS.md for more detailed documentation.

Last update: 2020-05-30 02:39:14 UTC