About/広辞苑無料検索/Custom JS guide

About/広辞苑無料検索/Custom JS guide

当「広辞苑無料検索」サービスは Custom JS (Custom JavaScript) を対応しています。それを利用して、当サービス全ての機能を変更またカスタマイズすることができます。

Custom JS 方法:当サービスの検索フォームで「⚙」(設定)ボタンをクリックして、設定ダイアログの「カスタマイズ JS」 入力欄で自分好みの JavaScript を入力する。Custom JSコンテンツはページDOMの"<body>"Elementの真っ先にロードされる。

Custom JavaScript Guide

Background & Basics

  • This service is built using React and Redux frameworks with server side rendering enabled. In the client side, the root React element is being rendered in DOM "load" event handle.
  • All user-generated data (config, word notebook, search activity, and others) are stored in the client side (browser) only using IndexedDB and / or localStorage.
  • It's providing a optional cloud-based sync feature which uses the user's own Google Drive / Google sheets to sync user-generated data across multiple devices.

Global hook variables

You can use the following global variables in your Custom JavaScript. You should wait the DOM "load" event to use these variables.

  • window.__APP__ : The top-most React component (<App />) instance. (Only available after the DOM "load" event)
  • window.__STORE__ : The redux store.
  • window.__ACTIONS__ : An object which contains all redux actions that our codes are using.
  • window.__DATA__ : Object. Store some exposed global (Modifiable) data.
  • window.__USERCONFIG__ : User config data. (Read-only)
  • window.__DB__ : the dexie.js(IndexedDB wrapper library) instance, used to storage word notes / search activities.
    • window.__DB__.meta
    • window.__DB__.notebook
    • window.__DB__.history
    • window.__DB__.deletedNotebook



  • externalSearchSites : Array.「外部サイト検索」機能のサイトリスト。Each item format:
  name: "Weblio辞書",
  url: "https://www.weblio.jp/content/%s", // replace the search keyword with "%s"
  // iconUrl: "https://www.weblio.jp/favicon.ico", // optional

Custom JavaScript Examples


window.addEventListener("load", () => {
  window.__DATA__.externalSearchSites.push({name: "Weblio英和辞典", url: "https://ejje.weblio.jp/content/%s"})

Programmatically update /set user config

  sitename: "MyDict"

(By default the updateUserConfig action will merge the provided config object with the current one)

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